Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan Update

Project Events

Public Meetings:

Sept 17, 2015 Public Meeting# 1 - Presentation
Dec 1, 2015 Public Meeting# 2 - Presentation
Feb 25, 2016 Public Meeting #3 - Presentation
June 8/9, 2016 Public Meetings #4/5 - Presentation

Plan Document Public Airport Disclosure Map & Avigation Notice

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The 2016 Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan (ALUCP) has been initiated to:

  • Examine the suitability of the current Airport Planning Area (APA) boundaries, overflight zones, and land use planning policies
  • Continue to protect the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway (Airport) for long-term compatibility with surrounding communities
  • Prevent the encroachment of noncompatible land uses into areas of long-term noise exposure risk.

The current APA was originally established in 1996 as part of the Williams Regional Planning Study and was then updated in 2000. This update included the adoption of the 14 CFR Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study for the Airport. Today, the APA is 85+ square miles and comprises three overflight zones for zoning and land use considerations by local land use authorities including the city of Mesa, the towns of Queen Creek and Gilbert, and Maricopa and Pinal counties.

The major project milestones and project status can be found here.

Planning Process

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport is a valuable transportation and economic resource for the Phoenix metropolitan area. As the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Authority (PMGAA) continues to develop the Airport and aircraft activity increases over time, the need for long-term land use compatibility continues to demand attention. PMGMA is committed to ensuring that contemporary tools and methodologies are reflected in the preparation of the Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan (ALUCP) update, including reevaluated long-term aircraft noise exposure and land use planning guidelines. Proactive and open public participation is a priority throughout the process.

The project scope of work includes the following primary tasks:

  • Public and Agency Outreach
  • Inventory and Data Collection
  • Technical Analyses
  • Recommendations
  • Implementation Program

Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)

A Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) is being formed to provide a forum in which representatives of all stakeholder groups can discuss and review the technical work and provide informed feedback to the PMGAA and the Consultant Team. Stakeholders invited to participate on the PAC include, property owners, local government planning agencies (the City of Mesa, the towns of Gilbert and Queen Creek, and Maricopa and Pinal counties), Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, the Gila River Indian Community, State Land Department, Homebuilders Association of Central Arizona, local higher education institutions, and Airport Owners & Pilots Association.

The PAC is scheduled to convene three times during the preparation of the ALUCP update. Meetings will be conducted during business hours at a location convenient to project stakeholders.

Public Information Meetings

Opportunities for public participation in the planning process were provided through a total of five of Public Information Meetings (PIMs). Links to meeting dates and presentation materials are located under the 'Project Events' section of this page. If you have questions regarding the Plan, or the process, please contact us through email or the phone number listed under the 'Comments' heading above.

Project Schedule

The Plan and associated recommendations were approved by the Board on February 21st, 2017. Coordination and implementation with adjacent communities is now underway.

*The Airport was owned and operated by the Williams Gateway Airport Authority until the Airport’s name changed to Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport in late 2007.