FAR Part 150 Noise Compatiblity Program

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Table of Contents Chapters 1-3 19 k N/A
Introduction Chapters 1-3 28 k 1.93 MB
Chapter1 - Inventory 214 k 3.44 MB
Chapter 2 - Aviation Noise 80 k 1.49 MB
Chapter 3 - Noise Impacts 62 k 1.02 MB
Chapters 4-6 Complete 309 k 12.82 MB
Table of Contents Chapters 4-6 18 k N/A
Introduction Chapters 4-6 30 k N/A
Chapter 4 - Noise Abatement Alternatives 107 k 3.84 MB
Chapter 5 - Land Use Alternatives 83 k 3.95 MB
Chapter 6 - Noise Compatibility Plan 98 k 5.02 MB
Appendices Complete 120k 1.73 MB
Appendix A - Welcome to the Planning Advisory Committee 30 k N/A
Appendix B - Coordination, Consultation and Public Involvement 13 k N/A
Appendix C - Implementation Materials 63 k 271 k
Appendix D - Noise Measurements 23 k 823 k
Appendix E - State of Arizona Revised Statutes 10 k N/A
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All Exhibits N/A 17.27 MB
Chapters 1-3 Exhibits N/A 5.97 MB
Introduction Exhibits N/A N/A
Exhibit 1: 1999 Noise Exposure Map N/A 879 K
Exhibit 2: 2004 Noise Exposure Map N/A 1.02 MB
Chapter 1 Exhibits N/A N/A
Exhibit 1C: Airport Layout Plan N/A 796 k
Exhibit 1L: Generalized Land Use Plans N/A 926 k
Exhibit 1M: Overflight Districts N/A 751 k
Chapter 2 Exhibits N/A N/A
Exhibt 2F: Radar Flight Tracks N/A 1.41 MB
Chapter 3 Exhibits N/A N/A
Exhibit 3D: Existing and Potential Areas of Development N/A 961 k
Chapters 4-6 Exhibits N/A 13.47 MB
Chapter 4 Exhibits N/A N/A
Exhibit 4B: Alternative Helicopter Arrival and Departure Routes N/A 803 k
Exhibit 4G: Alternative 1 Calm Wind Runway Use Program N/A 975 k
Exhibit 4H: Alternative 2 Runway 12L/C Departure Procedure N/A 976 k
Exhibit 4J: Alternative 3 Relocate Instrument Landing System to Runway 30R N/A 975 k
Chapter 5 Exhibits N/A N/A
Exhibit 5A: Potential Airport Influence Area N/A 1.37 MB
Exhibit 5C: General Plans Amendment Considerations N/A 897 k
Exhibit 5D: Zoning Amendment Considerations N/A 883 k
Exhibit 5E: Recommended Airport Noise Overlay Zoning District Boundaries N/A 699 k
Chapter 6 Exhibits N/A N/A
Exhibit 6A: Recommended Airport Planning Area N/A 803 k
Exhibit 6B: General Plan Amendment Recommendations N/A 764 k
Exhibit 6D: Zoning Amendments Recommendations N/A 883 k
Exhibit 6E: Recommended Airport Noise Overflight Zoning District Boundaries N/A 706 k
Exhibit 6F: 1999 Aircraft Noise Exposure and Land Use N/A 807 k
Exhibit 6G: 2004 Aircraft Noise Exposure with Noise Compatibility Plan N/A 963 k
Exhibit 6H: 2020Aircraft Noise Exposure with Noise Compatibility Plan N/A 963 k
Appendix Exhibits All N/A 1.61 MB
Appendix C Exhibits N/A N/A
Exhibit C1: National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Standard Noise Abatement Departure Procedure N/A 100 k
Exhibit C2: National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Approach and Landing Procedure VFR & IFR N/A 106 k
Appendix D Exhibits N/A N/A
Exhibit D1: Noise Measurement Sites N/A 800 k
Sound Measurement Exhibits N/A 594 k
Sound Impact Exhibits N/A 15 k

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