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Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Aces Annual FAA Part 139 Inspection for the Second Year in a Row

MESA, Ariz. — Each year, Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (Gateway Airport) partakes in an intense, week long certification and compliance inspection by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Commercial airports nationwide must complete this inspection to ensure that they are following national safety standards. For the second consecutive year, Gateway Airport passed its FAA Part 139-Certification and Operations Inspection with flying colors; an impressive accomplishment that is extremely difficult to achieve.

“It is a great point of pride among the Gateway Airport team that we had no reportable conditions or items needing correction for the second year in a row,” said J. Brian O’Neill, A.A.E. Executive Director/CEO of Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Authority.  “It’s a testament to the hard work and dedication of our operations team that oversee nearly 6 miles of runway, an airport footprint of 4.7 square miles, and a commercial passenger terminal that will handle more than 1.4 million passengers this year.”

In a letter addressed to Gateway Airport, the FAA said “We commend your continued commitment to your Part 139 Program, and the personnel and procedures employed to maintain compliance.”

Included in a FAA Part 139 - Certification and Operations Inspection is a review of:

  • Airport rescue/firefighting equipment, training, and response times
  • Airport Emergency Plan (AEP)                    
  • Operations/maintenance personnel training and performance                   
  • All paved/unpaved safety areas and runway approaches
  • All airfield markings and lighting
  • Airport's self-inspection program
  • All operations and maintenance records and logs

This year’s FAA Part 139 Inspection confirmed that Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport is a safe, efficient, and well-run operation.

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Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Authority Media Contact:
Ryan Smith, Strategic Communications/Government Relations
Phone: 480-988-7617