Policies, Documents and Forms

 Document NamePosted OnLast UpdatedSize 
pdfLegal Postings11/5/201311/5/20131 mb
pdfReasonable Accommodation Request11/5/20136/14/2018206 kb
pdfBenefits7/5/201711/19/201971 kb
pdfRecruitment Process11/5/201311/5/2013119 kb
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 Document NamePosted OnLast UpdatedSize 
pdf1992 Original Purpose and Goal Intergovernmental Agreement 9/29/20098/15/2016273 kb
pdf1998 Quit Claim Deed 9/29/20098/15/20161 mb
pdf2007 Airport Authority Bylaws1/27/20108/15/201615 kb
pdf2014 Joint Powers Airport Authority Agreement - Amended & R...3/23/20153/28/20186 mb
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 Document NamePosted OnLast UpdatedSize 
pdfAirport Minimum Standards (Res. 16-09)3/25/20154/19/2016512 kb
pdfAdvertising Agreement Delegation (Res.17-50)8/15/201610/18/2017135 kb
pdfBond Compliance Procedure (Res. 12-20)8/15/201610/18/2016158 kb
pdfBudget (Res. 15-04)8/15/201610/18/2016131 kb
pdfCommercial Real Estate Brokers & Agents (Res. 15-04)8/15/20163/28/2018158 kb
pdfInvestment_Policy_20-478/15/201611/17/2020245 kb
pdfProcurement_19-2710/18/20166/24/2019318 kb
pdfAgreement Approval Authority (Res. 16-47)10/18/201610/18/2016152 kb
pdfAirport Rules and Regulations (Res 20-35)11/16/20169/15/2020479 kb
pdfAir Service Incentive Program (Res. 16-58)12/21/201610/18/2017153 kb
pdfPrimary Legal Counsel (Res.18-42)9/19/20189/19/2018150 kb
pdfAirport Rates and Charges effective 10-1-219/21/20219/21/2021192 kb
pdfProposed Airport Rules and Regulations_FY229/28/20219/28/2021543 kb
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 Document NamePosted OnLast UpdatedSize 
pdfAirport Rates and Charges effective 10-1-219/21/20219/21/2021192 kb
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 Document NamePosted OnLast UpdatedSize 
pdfAirport Fees, Services and Rental Rates Effective 9-1-20211/7/20199/1/20212 mb
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 Document NamePosted OnLast UpdatedSize 
pdfPMGAA Fuel Storage Dispensing Handling Guidelines12/9/200910/10/2018943 kb
pdfCommon Use Facility Op Proc 20-0110/31/201112/23/2019196 kb
pdfFly Your Drone Responsibly3/2/20163/2/2016197 kb
pdfDelay Contingency Plan8/9/20125/16/201729 kb
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 Document NamePosted OnLast UpdatedSize 
pdfAirport Design Guidelines5/6/20135/6/201374 kb
pdfBuilding Development Design Theme - Desert Tech Arch5/6/20135/6/20135 mb
pdfDesign Review Committee Approved Color Palette5/6/20135/6/2013300 kb
pdfLandscape Master Plan5/6/20135/6/201313 mb
pdfPMGAA Comprehensive Sign Plan5/6/20135/6/2013543 kb
pdfDesign Review Request Form1/24/20181/24/2018134 kb
pdfAERO Business Park Design Guidelines1/8/20191/8/20197 mb
pdfAERO Business Park Signage Guidelines1/8/20191/8/20191 mb
pdfTenant Improvement Request Form April20204/16/20204/16/202097 kb
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 Document NamePosted OnLast UpdatedSize 
pdfNortheast Development Area Environmental Assessment Final4/6/20174/6/2017122 mb
pdf2017 Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan Update4/6/20176/27/20173 mb
pdfPublic Airport Disclosure Map and Avigation Notice5/10/20176/27/20172 mb
pdfAir Traffic Control Tower Siting Study11/7/201711/7/20176 mb
pdfFAA Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for Airport Tr...2/21/20182/21/2018181 kb
pdfFinal Airport Traffic Control Tower Environmental Assessment2/21/20182/21/201811 mb
pdfSkyBridge Arizona Concept Master Plan12/18/201912/18/2019506 mb
pdfFAA FONSI Mesa SkyBridge EA 03 27 20203/30/20203/30/20203 mb
LinkAirport Master Plan Adopted June 20206/24/20206/24/2020--------
LinkSkyBridge Arizona Environmental Assessment4/2/20204/2/2020--------
pdfPMGAA Airport Master Plan Executive Summary June 20206/24/20206/24/20205 mb
pdfAirport Layout Plan5/12/20215/12/20213 mb
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 Document NamePosted OnLast UpdatedSize 
PDFFAA Letter Environmental Assessment for the Phoenix Metropl...5/11/20155/11/2015225 kb
pdfGateway's Response to FAA Metroplex Project Letter5/11/20155/11/2015423 kb
pdfFAA_Response to PMGAA comments5/12/20155/12/201566 kb
pdf201505_letter to Falcon airport from FAA5/12/20155/12/201574 kb
pdfCity of Chandler Letter to FAA-Phx Metroplex EA 04-27-20155/12/20155/12/2015589 kb
pdfFAA Letter on Metroplex_20160120_1516232/16/20162/16/20162 mb
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 Document NamePosted OnLast UpdatedSize 
pdfCriminal History Records Check Form8/21/20088/21/200818 kb
pdfKey Application6/22/201010/18/201790 kb
pdfBadge Return Form9/16/20109/16/201055 kb
pdfTitle VI Complaint Form3/21/20166/14/2018104 kb
pdfADA Complaint Form3/30/20166/14/2018578 kb
pdfPublic Records Request8/16/201610/10/2019641 kb
pdfCompany Security Media Authorization12/6/201611/7/2017141 kb
pdfTitle VI Poster2/28/20176/14/2018147 kb
pdfAgreement Application August 20188/29/20188/29/2018249 kb
pdfAirport Security Badge Application8/27/20208/31/2021332 kb
pdfBadge Recovery Worksheet8/27/20208/27/2020126 kb
pdfAircraft Hangar Space Rental Agreement9/1/20202/3/2021219 kb
pdfAircraft Tie Down Space Rental Agreement9/1/20202/3/2021194 kb
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 Document NamePosted OnLast UpdatedSize 
pdfPMGAA Strategic Business Plan10/18/201712/12/20184 mb
pdfFY18 PFC Compliance Report12/12/201812/12/201840 kb
pdfFY19 Compliance Report12/12/201912/12/2019126 kb
pdfFY17 PFC Compliance Report11/22/201711/22/2017110 kb
pdfFY16 PFC Compliance11/17/20164/21/20202 mb
pdfEconomic Impact Study 201310/8/20133/23/20155 mb
pdfFY16 Single Audit Report11/17/201611/17/2016152 kb
pdfFY17 Single Audit Report11/22/201711/27/2017156 kb
pdfFY18 Single Audit Report12/12/201812/12/201891 kb
pdfFY19 Single Audit Report12/12/201912/12/2019186 kb
pdfFY16 Annual Financial Report11/17/201611/17/2016400 kb
pdfFY17 Annual Financial Report11/22/201711/22/2017392 kb
pdfFY19 Annual Financial Report12/12/201912/12/2019417 kb
pdfFY18 Annual Financial Report12/12/201812/12/2018494 kb
pdfTraffic Counts FY188/14/20177/19/2018419 kb
pdfTraffic Counts FY193/7/20197/9/2019485 kb
pdfTraffic Counts FY208/29/20197/9/2020108 kb
pdfTraffic Counts FY218/11/20207/14/202190 kb
pdfTraffic Counts FY228/12/202110/11/202156 kb
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